Paulo Perez - 2021


CloudWalk & InfinitePay

Cloudwalk is a payment system company, who are democratizing the industry in Brazil and world. Empowering entrepreneurs through technological, inclusive, and life-changing solutions.

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An experimental project to exercise the advances of creating music and graphics allowing new frontiers with analog machines and experimental instruments, without a normal computer. Also, Ꮜ P A Ꭼ Space will be an experimental environment for new decentralized distribution forms (nft).

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Around The Block

Throughout 2017, cryptocurrencies reached the mainstream. But beyond speculation, and deeper than the awareness of the masses, lie the true ideals behind this movement. This series is made of conversations with key figures of the community, in varied moments & locations around the world.

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Building a better world for videos and the people behind them.


A company that always tried the limits of technology to delivering disruptive work for outstanding partners in any platform, channel, or format.