Press Space

This project is an answer propose for the CS50 program lesson.

The idea of this project is to allow people to create a space inside the mind. It can contemplate a moment of inner reflection through sound and visual sensations, using the machine as a browser and enabling a new way to experience a game.

Inside the project, it is possible to access HighScore and Score. For the game design of this version, it was decided to preserve the experience without competition but to allow space for relaxation and reflection. In the end, time is the best way to measure the success of this experiment.

I’m happy to develop all the sound design.

I start learning DAW (digital audio workstation), music mix, and Scratch is the best way to create and draw ideas for future studies with fast learning.

As a designer, I believe music and sounds will be a potent tool to connect people with machines in new ways of relationship.

So - Press space and play.

Thank a lot for the doddle game class.

scratch user: @xamuil2 youtube: @xamuil2

All other incredible scratch channels.